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Pathfinder, the Pathfinder of Apex Legends

Pathfinder Apex Legends

Pathfinder is a Legend mainly dedicated to the support of his team, although he does not have healing abilities as Lifeline does. He is a character very mobile and can easily get a sense of perspective thanks to its grapnels and zip lines. Its ultimate capacity is where its support side comes into its own. Indeed, it allows your entire team toaccess to places that are normally unreachable and thus locate or eliminate opponents more easily, especially if you have a sniper in your ranks.

Its various abilities allow it toenter a fight easily But be careful how you use them, because it's far from simple. You'll need to spend a few hours on the training ground to master all the little intricacies of Pathfinder's grappling hook.

Active : Grapple

Active Pathfinder capability

Pathfinder deploys a grapple which allows it to quickly reach places that are normally inaccessible. The grappling hook attaches to the first solid object it touches and pulls you towards it. Other players and zip lines can also be used as anchor points for the grappling hook. It can be deployed up to 21 metres in length.

When the skill can be activated, a circle will appear permanently in the centre of your viewfinder. If you are aiming at an area where the grappling hook can be used, the circle will be blue. If not, it will be greyed out.

To use the grappling hook optimally, you need to create a pendulum effect thanks to the force that brings you back to the anchor point. To do this, jump once the grappling hook is attached and then keep pressing the button that allows you to go forward, as well as the one that allows you to go right or left, depending on the direction you want to take. The speed you take will allow you to land further than expected.

With the grappling hook, it becomes easier to get into fights or even to escape from a tricky situation.

Things to know:

  • The cooldown time of the skill varies according to the distance Pathfinder travels with his grapple.
  • You can cancel the animation of the skill by pressing your crouch key or attack key.
  • You can use the grappling hook on the ground and press your jump key right after. This will give you a long leap forward and allow you to cover a large distance quickly.

Liabilities : Insider trading

Passive Pathfinder capability

Thanks to Insider tradingIn addition, Pathfinder can scan the area using a topographical beacon, which reveals the next ring and the next location on the map that will be out of range. This also reduces the cooldown time of his ultimate ability by 10 seconds permanently.

Things to know:

  • Using a topographical beacon fully recharges the Pathfinder ultimate.

Ultimate : Tyrolean Lance

Ultimate Pathfinder capability

Pathfinder creates and deploys a zip line between its current location and a location it has previously targeted. Once in place, it can be used by anyone, allies or enemies. The maximum length is 100 metres and you can deploy up to 4 zip lines on the map simultaneously.

The zip line can be attached to any surface, allowing Pathfinder and his team to reach normally inaccessible places, escape from a fight or travel very long distances quickly.

Things to know:

  • You can cancel the use of the zip line by using items, such as weapons or healing items, or by using your Grappling ability.
  • The train that runs on some maps can destroy your zip lines if they pass over its tracks.