Apex Legends

Octane, the Burnt Head of Apex Legends

Octane Apex Legends

Octane is a Legend made for attack and for a game very aggressive. His abilities allow him to easily pick up enemies and throw himself into battle.

He is a character who evolves better with its alliesHe is a very good player, but in the end he doesn't bring much to the table, as his skills are not particularly adapted to group play. They will mostly be useful to him.

It is however a rather complex Legend to handle, as it is important toalways have an eye on your life and learn to manage it correctly. It is also important to know how to use the speed boost provided by your asset and your springboard, otherwise you will quickly find yourself isolated from your allies and become an easy target for your opponents.

Active : Stimulant

Active capacity Octane

Thanks to StimulantOctane increases his movement speed by 30% when walking and 40% when running. This boost lasts for about 6 seconds, giving you plenty of time to position yourself for a fight or to run away if the situation is not in your favour.

However, activating this skill will cost you 20 hit points. If you only have 20 or less life points left, you will still retain 1 life point so that you do not die.

At the time Octane uses this ability, all slowing effects are removed, except for slowing caused by healing. If the slowdown occurs after the activation of Stimulus, it will not be removed but merely reduced.

Things to know:

  • Using Stimulant just before the end of a healing kit will allow you to feel the effects of the movement boost without losing health.
  • Always keep an eye on your life bar if you regularly use Stimulant because even if it can't kill you, it makes you more vulnerable to enemies.

Liabilities : Rapid recovery

Octane passive capacity

Octane's assets are perfectly complemented by its liabilities, Rapid recovery. While the first one takes away 20 health points each time you activate it, the second one heals you progressively. 

For the passive to activate, Octane must not take damage for at least 6 seconds. If the condition is met, he recovers 1 hit point per second.

Things to know:

  • The passive will not be able to regenerate you completely if you use Stimulant regularly. It is therefore important to be well equipped with syringes and healing kits.

Ultimate : Springboard

Ultimate capacity Octane

Octane deploys a springboard which will catapult it into the air. Once thrown, if you use the key associated with the jump, you will be able to perform a double jump. The springboard can also be used by your allies.

It should be noted that it has no life span and therefore cannot disappear. However, it has 200 life points and can therefore be destroyed by enemies but also by you and your allies.

If you arrive on the springboard while walking or sprinting, it will throw you high in the air but you will not go as far. Conversely, if you use it while crouching or sliding, you will go less high but further.

This ability can be very useful if you want to play offensively. However, learn to master it first because a poorly calculated jump can quickly backfire. Especially since you are an easy target when you are in the air, since you have almost no control over your direction.

Things to know:

  • You can throw items at the springboard, such as grenades, some skills from other Legends, or another of your springboards.
  • If you just want to bounce up and down, punch the springboard when you are next to it.