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Newcastle, the Heroic Defender of Apex Legends

Newcastle Apex Legends

Newcastle is the new Legend of the Game and arrives with the season 13. Like its trailer us to think so, he is a character dedicated to defence of his team.

Its Mobile Shield will allow you to get to cover quite quickly during a fight, especially if you have to revive your allies with War Medicine. Thanks to its ultimate, you will also be able to save your teammates by jumping in front of them and deploying a very large wall.

Being a Legend made to support his teammates, Newcastle should rather be played as a Lifeline, a Caustic or a Wattson. Its objective is to provide a consistent support to his team, protecting them as best he can with his skills. So don't jump into battle to initiate a fight as this is clearly not the role of this new character.

Active: Mobile Shield

Active capacity Newcastle

Newcastle launches a drone in front of him which will project a large shield. You can move the shield by pressing the skill key again. A blue marker appears on the ground to show you where the shield will go. If you move it less than a metre away, its orientation may also change depending on your own direction.

The shield consists of an upper and a lower part, each with 350 health points. They can therefore be destroyed separately. If not damaged, the shield has a life span of 20 seconds. 

Things to know:

  • Newcastle cannot shoot through or destroy his own shield. This is also the case for his allies.

Passive: War medicine

Passive capacity Newcastle

War medicine is Newcastle's passive and is very similar to the old Lifeline passive. When one of his allies is down, he deploys his KO shield in front of them and can pull them to a quieter place while reanimating them. So this is very useful when your teammates die in an open space. 

If the shield's hit points drop to zero, you can still revive your allies and shoot them to safety, but you will have nothing to protect them from enemy bullets.

Things to know:

  • The number of hit points of the shield depends on its rarity, so it will be important for Newcastle to find more rare KO shields throughout the game.

Ultimate: Fortified wall

Ultimate capacity Newcastle

Fortified wall allows Newcastle to leap forward and land in an area you select. Upon landing, Newcastle deploys a very large wall in front of him to protect his allies.

The jump has a maximum range of 35 metres and 75 metres if you target one of your teammates to land in front of them.

Newcastle's wall has several sections, including three lower ones, each with 750 hit points. If enemies shoot at them, they will obviously be destroyed, but it also works if it is Newcastle or his allies who try to destroy them. 

The outer side of the wall is electrified and stuns enemies who try to climb or cross it.

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