Apex Legends

Mirage, the Illusionist of Apex Legends

Mirage Apex Legends

Mirage is an offensive Legend that can easily distract his enemies and the mislead thanks to its many lures. It is also quite effective in terms of support and will easily replace a Lifeline or PathfinderThis is due in part to his ability to make himself and his allies invisible during reanimation.

Although Mirage isn't the most complicated character to learn, you'll need to be smart and logical to use him properly. Indeed, if you manage to master his decoys, you will know what to do to fooling your opponents and thus lead your team to victory. If not, they will betray you and lead you to certain death.

Active : Deterrence

Active capacity Mirage

With DeterrenceThe Mirage targets a location with its sight and creates a hologram of itself. The hologram will then run forward and reach the previously targeted point, unless it encounters an obstacle. 

The decoy can be activated while you are shooting, healing, reloading your weapon, or even while you are in the air. It cannot, however, climb walls or take zip lines. If you have not taken control of your decoy, it will perform the 'inspect weapon' action once it has arrived at the point you have targeted.

The hologram has 45 hit points and your enemies can shoot it to make it disappear. When someone damages it, Mirage and his allies will see an icon on their screen that tells them the position of that person, which is a good way to get information about the opponents' positions.

If an enemy shoots and kills the decoy, it says "you've been bamboozled" before disappearing. If no one has targeted it, it automatically disappears after 60 seconds or if Mirage creates a new hologram.

At the beginning of the game, before you land, you can summon two decoys, or even a whole squad of decoys if you are with your allies. This is a handy way of fooling your enemies.

Things to know:

  • You can send out decoys to act as scouts when you want to search an area, open a loot box or retrieve an ally's beacon to resurrect them.
  • This passive can be activated every 15 seconds, so you can have a decoy with you at all times to fool your opponents.

Liabilities : Slipping Away

Mirage passive capability

When Mirage uses a reappearance beacon or reanimates one of his teammates, Slipping Away makes them both invisible. This invisibility also activates for 5 seconds when Mirage is shot by an opponent, which can allow him to hide or crawl away. 

When Mirage is on the ground, a decoy is automatically activated. He falls to his knees and pretends to die in a deliberately dramatic way. In addition, using the passive outside the ring will reveal Mirage's position by making him appear intermittently.

Things to know:

  • Reanimation is noisy and may be covered up if you perform it in a noisy or chaotic environment. Otherwise, you will be quickly spotted despite the invisibility.
  • When you are on the ground, do not activate your shield directly, take advantage of your few seconds of invisibility as long as you are not shot at.
  • If you are shot and crawl in the dust, you may release particles that are visible to the enemy, which can give you away.

Ultimate : Extravagance

Mirage ultimate capacity

Extravagance allows Mirage to summon 5 clones that duplicate all of his movements in opposite directions. Combine this with his asset and you have one more decoy.

Once activated, the ultimate ability is divided into two phases. First of all, you will have an animation lasting about 2 seconds, which will make you invisible but will prevent you from shooting. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this short period of time to change direction and thus make yourself more difficult to differentiate from the clones.

In the second phase, the decoys appear and copy your movements for 15 seconds. You can then go back and make them converge on the same point, thus sowing doubt in the minds of your opponents once again.

Mirage's ultimate is very effective at deceiving your enemies in a firefight. It will allow you to bypass them and then kill them. But it is also a good way to escape.

Things to know:

  • If you are using the ultimate to escape, think carefully about the direction you are taking as some actions are not feasible with decoys and will make you immediately noticeable.
  • The Bloodhound and Crypto ultimates are the only ones able to identify the real Mirage among its clones.
  • You can run in strange directions or run into walls to make yourself look like a decoy to fool your enemies.