Apex Legends

Mad Maggie, the Warlord of Apex Legends

Mad Maggie Apex Legends

Mad Maggie is the latest Legend to arrive in the fighting arena. She is a character very offensive which has a skill set that makes it very mobile. Its liabilities enable it to obtain valuable information on enemy movements It is also possible to track them very quickly if equipped with a shotgun.

Its ultimate capacity is perfect for launch offensivesShe's not the most meta of all the legends, but she'll also be a great asset to your team if the fight doesn't turn out in your favour. Although she is not the most meta Legend at the moment, she is still well balanced and will be a real asset to your team if you have a very aggressive play style.

Active : Piercing point

Active capacity Mad Maggie

By activating Piercing pointIn this case, Mad Maggie takes a drill and attaches it to a surface in order to drill a hole in it. She can drill to a maximum depth of 13 metres, the thickness of the surface being indicated in the centre of the screen in a small rectangle.

Once it has crossed the surface, the drill sends out a flame that burns the enemies behind it. This weapon takes 1 second to activate and inflicts a total of 160 points of damage in 9 seconds. 

This ability can allow Mad Maggie to block access to allow time to escape or reanimate her allies, or to dislodge enemies hiding behind a door. 

Finally, you should know that once attached, the drill cannot be destroyed.

Things to know:

  • If the drill hits an enemy rather than a surface, it inflicts 5 points of damage and bounces off them.
  • The thicker the surface, the smaller the range of the flame.

Liabilities : Anger of war

Mad Maggie passive ability

Thanks to Anger of warMad Maggie has two liabilities. The first is that if she equips a shotgun and runs with it, she will then move at the same speed as if she had no weapon in her hands. In addition, when she uses the sight of a shotgun, her ADS speed is also increased. 

Regarding her second passive, if Mad Maggie shoots an enemy and deals damage, the enemy will be highlighted for about 1 second and will be visible through the walls and various obstacles on the map.

Things to know:

  • Remember to always equip a shotgun to take full advantage of the speed boost it provides.

Ultimate : Wrecking ball

Mad Maggie ultimate ability

Mad Maggie sends a wrecking ball which bounces off walls, ceilings and floors. At the end of its run or when it meets an enemy, the ball explodes and inflicts 20 points of damage to nearby opponents while stunning them.

Each time it bounces, it leaves a mark on the ground. If you run over them, these marks give you a speed boost of 30% for 3 seconds. The speed boosts disappear 60 seconds after the ball explodes.

Finally, you should know that it can destroy any door it encounters in its path.

Things to know:

  • Wrecking Ball is a very offensive ability, but can also be used to escape a situation that doesn't turn out in your favour.
  • Enemies can also benefit from the speed boost provided by the ball.