Apex Legends

Loba, the Thief of Apex Legends

Loba Apex Legends

Loba is a Legend that has mainly a supporting role for his team. His abilities allow him to find good equipment quickly and will be an advantage for you and your allies, especially at the beginning of the game. You will therefore understand that it is not particularly suited to solo play and that it is above all focused on team play.

Her skill set is not intended to be really offensive or defensive, and Loba is adaptable to any situation, as long as you are careful with the use of her active ability: her teleportation.

Active : Get in the air

Active capacity Loba

When using Get in the airLoba throws her bracelet into the air and instantly teleports on it once it touches the ground. It allows her to travel a maximum distance of 73 metres. When she is aiming, a gauge appears on your screen to show you how far she will throw the bracelet. 

Once teleportation is activated, you can interrupt it at any time by pressing a key you set yourself. This will cause you to appear in the same place as the bracelet was when you chose to interrupt the teleportation. 

At the end of a teleportation, the animation is relatively long and does not allow Loba to shoot or sprint, which handicaps her. So don't use it to get into a fight because it's a sure death, especially since you leave a light trail behind you, which makes you very easy to spot. 

However, it is an ability that can be useful for escaping from a fight or for relocating. However, always remember to land in a place that will cover you for protection during the post teleportation animation.

Things to know:

  • The circle indicating where Loba will land is blue and turns orange when the landing area is out of his field of vision. 
  • The bracelet can pass through abilities such as Caustic's gas or Wattson's barriers, but will be repelled by the latter's ultimate.

Liabilities : Sharp eyes

Passive capacity Loba

Thanks to Sharp eyesLoba can see all epic and legendary equipment within a 70 metre radius of her from the start of the game. This is a very useful skill to be solidly equipped very quickly and able to attack or defend yourself if an opposing squad comes at you.

Things to know:

  • If you are too far away from the loot, you can't tell what it is unless you have a scope on your weapon and use it to look at the equipment.

Ultimate : Black Market Shop

Ultimate capacity Loba

Black Market Shop is a kind of capsule that Loba puts on the ground. This allows him to open a giant inventory in which all the equipment within a radius of 80 metres is listed. This concerns absolutely all items in the game, regardless of their rarity. The inventory displays all the stuff in the buildings, in the chests or in the boxes left by dead enemies.

Once Loba's ultimate ability is activated, you can collect two items from all those displayed on the screen. Your allies can do the same, as well as your enemies, so we recommend destroying the capsule once you've got what you want. 

Be careful when you put the capsule down, as it makes a noise that can be heard from quite a distance and a circle of light appears around it when it is put down. This can attract enemies, but can be a good way to create an ambush.

Black Market Shop can be useful at the end of the game to get better stuff before the final battle, or to quickly equip an ally who has just been resurrected.

Things to know:

  • Equipment in unopened chests will not appear in the Black Market shop list.
  • Before you place the ultimate, a circle appears around the capsule to determine its area of action. This circle is also visible on your mini map.