Apex Legends

Horizon, the Gravitational Manipulator from Apex Legends

Horizon Apex Legends

Horizon is a relatively strong Legend, although his skill set does not allow him to inflict huge damage. You'll have to rely mainly on accurate shooting and good use of her abilities to defeat your opponents.

Although it can evolve on its own, Horizon is primarily effective in a team. His active competence allows him to get a sense of perspective for collect valuable informationbut also allows his teammates to move quickly from point A to point B. Effective in developing strategies, but also surprise enemies and catch them off guard. This asset coupled with her ultimate makes her a rather offensive Legend, although she will also be effective on defence.

Active : Gravity lift

Active capacity Horizon

Horizon creates a gravity well in front of it, which appears instantly. This takes on the appearance of a tornado, creating a powerful blast that propels you through the air for 10 seconds. Horizon can stay aloft for the duration ofGravity lift. Be careful, however, as it is then very vulnerable to enemy fire. 

This ability is very effective for quickly repositioning yourself. Activate Gravity Lift to propel yourself into the air for a few seconds and then disappear. It's also a good way to collect information on the opponent's position and inform your teammates.

Things to know:

  • Once in the air, Horizon's stability is equal to that which it would have if it were on the ground, and it can therefore shoot accurately at its opponents.
  • This ability also works on your allies and enemies, so you can easily destabilise and kill them by making them fly away.
  • Gravity lift deflects projectiles thrown at it, both grenades and enemy skills.

Liabilities : Spaceman

Horizon passive capacity

Spaceman allows Horizon to move more easily when in the air. Her landing is also smoother than that of other Legends, as she has a reduced fall effect. Indeed, for the other characters, the impact of a fall is quite important and does not allow them to be reactive immediately. This is not the case for Horizon, who can find solid ground and move the next moment. Since she will spend a large part of the time in the air, this passive is a real asset for her.

Things to know:

  • The precision acquired by Horizon while in the air, coupled with its reduced fall effect, allows it to continue a fight started at height once it is on the ground.

Ultimate : Black hole

Ultimate capacity Horizon

Horizon launches N.E.W.T., its little robot. A few seconds after receiving it, a black hole appears at its base and draws all nearby people into its centre, slowing them down. N.E.W.T. can be launched from a maximum distance of 100 metres and the black hole it triggers has a life span of 12 seconds. 

The robot can be destroyed quite easily by enemies, so you will need to place it strategically. Once correctly placed, it can attract opponents who may not have seen it, giving you the advantage of surprise. 

When used indoors, this ability proves to be more effective as the enemies will tend to be more grouped together and may not be able to escape quickly.

Things to know:

  • Horizon and its allies are also attracted to Black Hole if they are nearby, so be careful not to throw it too close to you.
  • Enemies caught inside the black hole are highlighted, making it easier for Horizon to target them.