Apex Legends

Gibraltar, the armoured fortress of Apex Legends

Gibraltar Apex Legends

Gibraltar is the Armoured Fortress of Apex Legends! As his impressive build and battle gear suggest, he excels in defenceIt has many shields that can be used to protect its own and its allies. He has many shields that can be used to protect his to take enemy fire. But it does have clear advantages in direct combat.

Gibraltar does not shine much in solo play: his skills are designed to benefit a group of allies and hinder groups of enemies. He is also so big that he is very easy to hit. But he makes up for it by being one of the best Legends to have on your team. He knows how to take the fieldIt decides whether your allies or enemies should move or stay put. A good use of his skills increases very strongly the chances of victory.

Active : Protective dome

Active capacity Gibraltar

Gibraltar deploys a device on the ground creating a protective dome. This dome absorbs all fire, allied and enemy, for 12 seconds before disappearing. Don't hesitate to use it as soon as you come under fire from enemies you hadn't spotted. It offers a short respite, enough time to make a plan of action. Even though the protective dome absorbs allied fire, Gibraltar can still poke his head through the force field to shoot at his opponents before returning to cover. This strategy works very well, coupled with his passive, Weapon Armour.

Since Gibraltar revives his allies faster when he is under the dome, don't hesitate to use him in these moments either, especially since you are completely vulnerable during these sequences.

Things to know:

  • The dome is a half-sphere. It will not protect you from shots coming from below.
  • The dome is extremely conspicuous. It is likely to attract the attention of enemies who had not spotted you.
  • The dome does not protect against grenades thrown inside. If you have to get out of the dome to dodge a grenade, get out on the opposite side of the dome from your enemies so you don't lose your protection.

Liabilities : Armouring

Passive capacity Gibraltar

When aiming at the sights, Gibraltar benefits from a frontal shield capable of absorbing up to 50 points of damage, regardless of the weapon used. This means that he is more likely to counter-attack than to run away. In a sniper fight, it also gives Gibraltar a significant advantage. He should therefore always position himself in the front line to take damage for his allies.

Things to know:

  • Armour plating only protects the upper part of Gibraltar. Duck down for full protection.
  • Like the Protective Dome, Armour Armour can make Gibraltar very conspicuous.

Ultimate : Defensive shelling

Ultimate capacity Gibraltar

With Defensive shellingIn the case of a defensive bombing, Gibraltar can designate an area for defensive shelling. A carpet of bombs falls from the sky for 6 seconds into the surrounding area, each one stunning its victims and doing 40 points of damage. Gibraltar and its allies are vulnerable to these bombs.

It is a very good tool to dislodge opponents or to slow down an enemy rush. You can also throw it at yourself when you are under the protective dome to dissuade enemies from running at you, especially during a reanimation.

Things to know:

  • Before the bombs fall, they are marked with red circles on the ground. The players can therefore anticipate their fall.
  • Defensive shelling makes it easy to finish off downed enemies at very long range.