Apex Legends

Fuse, the Explosives Expert from Apex Legends

Fuse Apex Legends

Fuse is a Legend with very aggressive and literally explosive skills. He has a set of abilities that make him a strong character for the attack and perfectly capable of evolving without the help of his team. 

Fuse has a good area control while inflicting heavy damage on his opponents. His ultimate also proves to be very powerful in blocking enemies and decimating entire squads, especially in enclosed spaces. 

He is therefore a character very offensive in terms of damage, but can perfectly well take on the role of defender if you play inside and manage to place your ultimate skill well.

Active : Scatter bomb

Active capacity Fuse

As its name suggests, Fuse is launching a scatter bomb which allows it to generate a sequence of explosions in a specific area. When it explodes, it inflicts 50 points of damage to the opponents close to it, and 10 points more if it was stuck to one of them. That is a total of 60 points of maximum damage. However, be careful not to use it too close to you, as you can also be injured by a Scatter Bomb.

Explosions do not occur immediately, it takes about 1.5 seconds before they are triggered. 

Coupled with a well-placed grenade, the Scatter Bomb can eliminate an enemy very quickly, even if he has powerful equipment. 

Fuse does not have an ability to get out of a tight spot, but this ability can easily be used as a deterrent in case a squad is on your tail. 

Things to know:

  • This bomb can be fired from a distance of about 200 metres and can therefore be used to snipe opponents.
  • Scatter Bomb can remove certain abilities from other Legends, such as Rampart's Barriers, Wattson's Pylons and Mirage's Decoys.

Liabilities : Boomshaka

Passive capacity Fuse

With BoomshakaFuse can stack two grenades in each slot of his backpack. This ability will allow him to throw the grenades further, faster and more accurately.

There are three types of grenades: the arc star, the frag grenade and the thermal grenade. With the increased accuracy provided by Grenadier, all three are much more likely to hit their target. 

This passive is very useful for dislodging enemies and doing damage, especially when coupled with Scatter Bomb.

Things to know:

  • The Arc Star and Thermal Grenade are the most effective grenades with this passive because they have an immediate impact.

Ultimate : Big prize

Ultimate capacity Fuse

Fuse launches a mortar that explodes in the air and scatters into several small blazes that form a circle of flames when they hit the ground. This circle has a life span of 10 seconds. Big prize has a very long range and can be used at a maximum distance of 200 metres. 

When you equip Willy, the weapon that allows Fuse to use his ultimate, you can zoom in with it. This is very effective in situations where the enemy would be relatively far away from you. 

When an opponent is hit by Big Prize, he immediately receives 25 points of damage, then 40 additional points over time. This gives a total of 65 points of damage. He will also be slowed down. Your allies will not be affected by this ultimate, but this is not the case for Fuse. If he is hit by Big Bunch, he will receive the same damage as the enemies and will also be slowed down.

Things to know:

  • Using Big Lot inside a building or a cave is very effective and allows to block the enemies, cutting off their means of escape.