Apex Legends

Crypto, the Apex Legends Sentinel

Crypto Apex Legends
Crypto Apex Legends

Crypto is a master of the enemy detection. Armed with his drone, he is able to cover large areas and collect information important. It is a very dependent on its team and we do not recommend trying to play it solo. It requires a lot of coordination with your teammates.

If you like play aggressivelythen Crypto is for you. Although his only offensive skill is his ultimate, his ability to detect enemies is perfect to dislodge and eliminate them. However, you will need to be patient to use his drone properly. A good Crypto knows how to use it perfectly. If you don't, you risk having a huge impact on your team's dynamics.

Active : Surveillance drone

Active capacity Crypto

Crypto is deploying a surveillance drone which he can then fly, in order to detect traps and enemies within a distance of 30 metres around him. When it detects an enemy player, the drone emits a small sound. The person detected also has a visual and acoustic indication.

This drone has a maximum range of 200 metres, which allows it to cover a very large area. Beyond that, it stops and the screen blurs. To prevent this from happening, Crypto can either turn it around or simply call it back.

It has about 30 health points and can be destroyed by enemies. If this happens, you have to wait 40 seconds before you can use it again. It is therefore important to deploy it intelligently.

In addition to detecting enemies, Crypto's drone can open doors and containers, pick up banners of fallen allies, or tell you how many squads are around you if you look at the champion banners while in pilot mode.

Things to know:

  • When Crypto uses its drone, it is immobile and therefore vulnerable. Before deploying it, find a strategic location where you cannot be easily targeted.
  • If you turn too sharply with your drone, it will lose speed.
  • If you call the drone back while you are still in pilot mode, you will lose precious seconds that will slow down your team.
  • When Crypto is in pilot mode, allies see his drone instead of his head on his player banner.

Liabilities : Neurolian

Passive capacity Crypto

Neurolian is a capability that is directly related to the surveillance drone, the active capability. It allows Crypto and his allies to see enemies detected by the drone within 30 metres of it, whether it is manned or not. With this passive, opponents who have been spotted are marked with a small targeting triangle.

Things to know:

  • The drone can detect enemies even behind walls and thus give an indication to Crypto and his team.

Ultimate : IEM Drone

Ultimate Crypto Capability

So are the liabilities, IEM Drone is linked to the surveillance drone. The drone sends an electromagnetic pulse to an area of 30 metres around it. When the shockwave spreads, it destroys all enemy traps, such as Caustic tanks, Wattson barriers, Lifeline drones or even those of an enemy Crypto. 

The impulse inflicts 50 points of damage to the opponent's shields, which is a significant advantage before entering a fight. However, it does not directly affect life points. Thus, an enemy who does not have a shield on him will not be impacted. He will nevertheless be slowed down.

Things to know:

  • Crypto cannot activate the electromagnetic pulse if its drone is not deployed.
  • If your allies are not affected by the shockwave of the ultimate, you are not. If you find yourself in its zone of action, you will suffer damage to your shield and will also be slowed down.