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Caustic, the Trapper of Apex Legends

Caustic Apex Legends
Caustic Apex Legends

Caustic is a Legend that can be played both offensively and defensively. Its gas clouds are very effective in advance in the face of the enemy by being invisible and unsociable, but can also be used to keeping opponents at bay in case of danger.

His abilities are not difficult to use, but Caustic is still complicated to handle. Indeed, when used properly, these skills can be punishing for your enemies. On the other hand, if you have no idea what you are doing, they will be very punishing for your allies who will be heavily impacted by the lack of vision provided by the gas clouds. So be very careful how you set your traps.

Active : Nox Booby Trap

Active capacity Caustic

With Nox Booby TrapCaustic lays traps on the ground, which materialise as gas canisters. These release a cloud of poisonous gas that slows down enemies, blurs their vision and inflicts damage for up to 13 seconds. Each second spent in the gas inflicts further damage. The first second does 4 points of damage, and this increases with each additional second spent in the cloud, until it reaches 10 points of damage per second. If the enemy remains in the gas the entire time it is in effect, they take a total of 109 points of damage. Thus, Caustic can kill an opponent with only one canister.

You can place up to 6 cylinders at the same time. If you try to place a 7th cylinder, it will replace the first one that was placed, and so on. You can place up to 3 cylinders at the same time, and then you have to wait 25 seconds between each one. Caustic can retrieve the bottles that have not been activated and place them in a new location.

These traps are activated when an enemy passes by or if someone shoots into them, ally or enemy. In addition, if a player shoots into the base of the tank, it will be removed. When set, the traps are visible on your mini map. If an enemy walks by, he will also be visible on your map.

These canisters can be used offensively or defensively. In the first case, send them in front of you and shoot them quickly to activate them. This will force the enemies to back off. Furthermore, they will have no information about you because the gas cloud will hide you, unless they are playing with a legendary sight or have a Caustic in their team. This will allow you to progress with your allies, especially if you are in open terrain with few places to hide.

If you are using them defensively, they can be a good way to stall an attack, hold a position and keep opponents at bay.

Things to know:

  • During the last 5 seconds of activation of the cylinder, a small beep will sound to let you know when the cylinder will disappear.
  • Traps can be thrown further if you move forward and jump after releasing the ability activation button.
  • Remember to set up tanks regularly, especially in places where enemies are likely to pass, in order to gather information on the opposing teams and prepare ambushes.

Liabilities : Vision Nox

Passive capacity Caustic

Vision NoxCaustic's passive is relatively simple. Indeed, it is directly linked to his Nox Booby Trap ability. When his gas canisters are activated, Caustic's passive allows him to see his enemies through the cloud of gas that is released. In addition, he does not suffer any slowing effects, or even damage applied when he is the one passing through it.

Things to know:

  • An enemy Caustic will also be able to see through your gas cloud, and will not be affected by malus and damage either.
  • If your allies or enemies are equipped with a legendary sight, they too can see through the gas cloud.

Ultimate : Nox gas grenade

Ultimate capacity Caustic

Nox gas grenade allows Caustic to throw a grenade that explodes as soon as it hits the ground and releases a cloud of poisonous gas. Like her Nox Gas Trap ability, her ultimate slows enemies, blurs their vision and deals the same amount of damage. The first second does 4 points of damage, and this increases with each additional second spent in the cloud, until it reaches 10 points of damage per second. The only difference with the active ability is that the area of action is larger and the cloud lasts for 20 seconds, not 13.

Things to know:

  • Using the Nox Gas Grenade is very effective at the end of the game, when the playing area is very small.
  • The ultimate can be used as a last resort to avoid being attacked by an opposing team, to dislodge players hiding in a building or to separate them and eliminate them one by one.