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Bloodhound, the Stalker from Apex Legends

Bloodhound Apex Legends

Bloodhound is a stalker, it is not intended to do huge damage and will be there mainly in support. She excels in enemy detection and in the reconnaissance of the area. She is therefore not suited to playing alone and will absolutely need her team to win the game. A good communication will be important to play it well and evolve with it, as you will have valuable information to communicate to your allies if you know how to interpret what its abilities will reveal.

If you want to play offensively, having Bloodhound on your team will always come in handy. It will give you the opportunity to use various attacking tactics to surprise your opponents and win.

Active : Eye of the Storm Maker

Bloodhound, the Apex Legends Stalker - mandatory apex legends characters skills bloodhound 01 -

With Eye of the Storm MakerWhen she gets to the top of the screen, Bloodhound triggers a scan in front of her that will allow her to spot any enemies in the area. The scan also shows her the types of loot present in her path, as well as some of the abilities of other Legends, such as Wattson's ultimate, Caustic's traps or Lifeline's drones.

This scan has a range of 76 metres and an angle of about 130 degrees, so it covers a large distance and will allow Bloodhound to dislodge enemies who are camped out of positions. It will be particularly useful at the end of the game to identify the remaining teams and to find an unoccupied building to heal yourself or to engage in a firefight.

Things to know:

  • Eye of the Storm Maker gives you a maximum of 10 pieces of information each time you use it.
  • The scan starts from your position and using it too close to your enemies will give them a very accurate indication of where you are.
  • This skill temporarily allows you to see through certain walls and smoke screens.

Liabilities : Hunter

Bloodhound passive skill

Hunter will allow Bloodhound to track its enemies and know exactly what they have done for up to 90 seconds after they have passed. All their actions are indicated: if they slipped, if they healed themselves, if they looted, if they reloaded their weapons... Bloodhound can thus easily know the state of his opponents and how many of them there were. 

Each action is indicated by an icon, which is itself surrounded by a diamond. This is in fact a timer indicating when the enemy has performed a particular action. 

If this passive is very effective, it is also quite complex to master contrary to appearances. Indeed, a good Bloodhound knows how to quickly identify all the icons associated with the actions of the enemies, and knows exactly when they took place without needing to read everything in detail. So, if you don't just see tracks on the ground, you will become a formidable Bloodhound, as this passive is her main strength.

Things to know:

  • The diamond around the action icon changes colour according to the time since the action was taken. The brighter the red, the more recent the action. This means that there is a good chance that the enemies are still around.

Ultimate : Predator

Bloodhound Ultimate Skill

The ultimate Bloodhound ability, Predatoris aptly named. By activating it, the Legend's senses are heightened, like those of a predator. Her field of vision increases, as does her hearing. She can hear the actions of enemies close to her much better. Bloodhound's movement speed is also increased by 30%.

When the ulti is activated, your game is switched to black and white and the opponents are shown in bright red. You can then see their footprints. All of this is possible for a period of 35 seconds. However, each kill that Bloodhound makes during the ultimate adds 5 seconds of time. 

All the boosts provided by the ultimate are very effective in getting you out of tricky situations. Indeed, you will be able to identify your enemies very clearly, which will allow you to dodge them easily and to escape quickly.

Things to know:

  • When she uses Predator, Bloodhound breathes harder and this can be heard from a distance, making her easier to spot by enemies.