Apex Legends

Apex Legends Beginner's Guide

Apex Legends is a Battle Royal that offers you rhythmic and intense combat phases. In this EA title, you play as one of 20 Legends and fight alongside one or two other people. What's at stake? The title of Champions!

In order to help all players, beginners as well as more experienced, who wish to win this Holy Grail, we propose to discover some basic tips and rules in this guide.

Communicate with your team

This first tip may seem very simple, but in Apex Legends, communication and teamwork are the keys to ensuring victory. You will need to communicate continuously with your teammates, even for simple information such as asking for ammunition or careto warn of a enemy rush or to indicate thelocation of equipment.

In addition, some Legends are completely dependent on team play. For example, if you are playing Caustic, creating clouds of gas all over the place without taking the time to give information about the opponents you see in them, you will simply have no use for them.

The other point that communication brings out is team play. Stay with your team! Unless you have concluded together that you need to split the team to create an ambush, never stray too far from the other members. Going off on your own puts you at risk of becoming an easy target, but it also puts your teammates at risk. Indeed, if they have to come to your aid and you are already down, you force them into a potential 2v3 for nothing.

Knowing the different Legends

To communicate well and to progress in Apex Legends, you need to know the different characters available. You need to understand how their abilities work respectively. This will enable you to better understand the struggles. For example, if you encounter a Pathfinder in front of you, you will know that it is capable of placing a Tyrolean traverse. If your team is not ready to fight, you should run away from the Tyrolean to avoid being caught by it. Similarly, if you see a support pack falling from the sky, you will know that a Lifeline is nearby.

In addition to knowing the spells of each Legend well, if you spend some time studying them, you can more easily find the ones that suit you best and therefore the ones that you need to unblock first.

In-game capture: the different Legends available

While it is indeed advantageous to know the Legends in detail, it is more interesting to specialise in some of them, especially at the beginning. Indeed, it is more relevant to master a few of them properly, rather than having a superficial in-game experience of each.

If you are completely new to Apex Legends, you can turn to Bloodhoundwhich is one of the best Legends available for the trio. This Legend is pretty easy to pick up, even if you don't know much about the game. Thanks to it, you will be useful to your team in any case.

Furthermore, if you wish to know more about all available LegendsYou can find all our guides dedicated to Legends.

Use all available weapons

One of the most common mistakes is the almost systematic use of the same weapons in each game. You may well prefer one weapon to another, but never playing other weapons can be fatal. Indeed, if you don't find your weapon of choice, you will be forced to play something else, without really knowing how the weapon you have in hand works.

Knowing how each weapon works will give you a lot of information:

  • the type of bullets to put in the weapon and therefore the ones you can pick up
  • the shooting pattern and the distance at which you can inflict damage
  • the danger posed by the weapon in front of you. This will make it easier for you to make decisions: do I rush or not? Do I have enough armour to risk being shot at?

In addition to these points, the possibility of changing to any weaponWhen you run out of ammunition, it is a significant asset. For example, if you have a sniper at your disposal and the advantage of the terrain, it can be useful to throw a weapon to take up a position. If you don't know how to use that sniper, you give the enemy a chance to gain the upper hand despite the initial disadvantage.

Also, changing weapons allows you to change your style of play from time to time. Have fun!

Enjoy all the weapons in the shooting range
To test the different weapons, go to the shooting range

Knowing what equipment is available

In Apex Legends, there is no room for wasting time. There is nothing worse than stopping and analysing a piece of equipment on the ground to see what it can be used for. This principle works for weapon accessories as well as for heals, grenades or armour for example.

Having a good knowledge of the equipment allows you to :

  • Search only for useful accessories for your weapon
  • Don't clutter up and keep space in your bag
  • Do not waste time during loot phases

It also allows you to play better as a team. For example, if one of your teammates has taken Lifeline, it will be interesting to provide him with any ulti accelerators you can find, since the cooldown of his ultimate is relatively long.

By spending time understanding the purpose of objects, you can learn little intricacies that you may not know at the moment. For example, the gold helmet does not give extra protection compared to purple. It has the same level of protection, but also allows you to recharge your spells more quickly. Remember that golden equipment such as helmets, bags or armour, offer a additional bonus that has nothing to do with the function of the object.

Description of the bonus associated with the golden helmet
Again, everything is available in the shooting range!

Learn the areas of the different maps

Currently, Apex Legends offers 4 maps: Canyon of the Kings, Edge of the World, Olympus and Storm Zone. A thorough knowledge of the maps and their topography is a definite advantage!

Photo of part of the map: Edge of the World
Edge of the World
Photo of part of the map: Storm area
Storm area
Photo of part of the map: Olympus
Photo of part of the map: Canyon des Rois
Canyon of the Kings

Indeed, you can use this information to find interesting lootto find out in which area to jump at the start of the game or to avoid certain buildings that would not be suitable for your Trio's play style. Also, knowing the topography and if you like snipers, it is interesting to be able to take up a position of safety while still being able to reach your targets easily. Similarly, if your squad finds itself in the middle of a conflict, but is not ready for combat, you will have a chance of survival if you know which tunnel or building to hide in!

Topographical markers

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, knowing the maps can make it easier for you to use a very useful tool: topographic markers, or scan markers!

If you are not already familiar with these tags, they offer a early view of the location of the next zone. They are sometimes too easily forgotten, but don't hesitate to use them if you are in a safe area. Please note that theActivation of these tags requires certain Legends Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Crypto, Seer or Valkyrie.

Mastering the jump start

When you start a game, your team jumps into a zone. This is a crucial moment not to be neglected ! Depending on your choices, the game may end within a minute of landing or you may get a comfortable lead over your opponents.

Mastering the jump requires :

  • to know the different areas on the map: those that are popular with the players, those that offer decent loot or those that are rather free of combat.
  • be able to judge whether or not there are too many teams coming to the same place as you. There is no point in being stubborn if you already see several groups on the ground; choose another place.

If you are the jump leader, but you are not not yet familiar enough with the mapwe advise you to transfer the role to a teammate more seasoned.

To choose where to jump, you and your team must decide what you want to do when you land. You may well engage in direct combat or choose to take advantage of a quiet area to retrieve loot in complete peace of mind.

Depending on the area you arrive in, you will need to either group together in one big building or spread out in several nearby structures. The idea is that all team members get a minimum of equipment quickly; at least one weapon each is ideal. Remember, try to stay together as much as possible, so don't go too far apart.

How to get the best loot possible?

In addition to the scan tags, map knowledge allows you to identify areas where loot is of a higher level. These areas are usually the scene of early clashes. If you decide to jump in early, be prepared! You can always try to get to another area a little further away quickly to do your business.

You should also know that some of the Legends will make it easier for you when you want to obtain interesting equipment. This is the case for Loba. Thanks to its liabilities Sharp eyesit can see all epic and legendary equipment that are within 70 metres of it, from the start of the game.

Play, play and play some more!

There's no secret, if you want to master the jump start as well as other more complex aspects of Apex Legends, you simply have to play. To maximise your chance of victory, try to find partners to keep the same Trio.

To train quickly with different weapons, you can play in arena mode The games are faster than in Battle Royal mode, which allows you to play one match after another, while achieving victories.

In-game capture during an arena game in Apex Legends

In the arena, you experience a different style of play from the Battle Royal mode. You play against other players in a particularly small area. This mode will be very useful and help you to improve your reflexesyour love and will oblige your Trio to communicate well and to think quickly to make the right decisions.

You are now ready to become a Champion! All that's left is for you to practice your shooting and use your skills. Check out all our guides for more information.