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Bangalore, the Military of Apex Legends

Bangalore Apex Legends
Bangalore Apex Legends

Bangalore is a very multipurpose and will be effective in both attack and defence. Armed with its smoke, it is perfect for deceiving enemies and take them by surprise. He is a character very mobile and capable of rapid rotation.

Bangalore is capable of shining in solo and 1v3 enemies provided you have a good use of smoke. They will allow you to force your opponents to split up so that you can kill them one by one. The objective will be to be untouchable by always offering you the possibility to escape without being seen. Bangalore is also very useful for its allies to cover a retreat, flank, or resuscitation. Just like Gibraltar, it will force the enemies to move and thus allow you to shoot them more easily.

Active : Smoke lance

Active competence Bangalore

Bangalore fires three rounds that explode on impact, creating a wall of smoke. The wall of smoke lasts for 20 seconds and the exploding cartridges inflict 10 points of damage to nearby opponents. 

Smoke lance will be useful in many situations, both on offense and defense. Bangalore can use it to escape a fight, especially if her No Charge passive is triggered by enemy fire. It is also useful for reviving allies without risking being killed in turn. Throw a round near your teammates in distress and heal them with peace of mind. 

Finally, it can allow you to easily attack your opponents. You can use smoke to get around enemies and take them by surprise, or to run straight into danger.

Things to know:

  • A Bloodhunt player will be able to see you through the smoke by activating his Eye of the Stormmaker ability.
  • When attacking, do not use your smoke on yourself as the enemy may see through it. Throw them about 10 or 15 metres in front of you and stay behind, so the enemy cannot see you.
  • A smoke shot can be cancelled by punching or activating the ultimate ability.

Liabilities : No load

Passive skill Bangalore

Bangalore's passive proves to be a very big advantage when she gets caught in enemy fire. Indeed, being the target of enemy fire grants her a speed increase of 30% for 2 seconds. This will allow her to avoid the said shots so that she can flee or reposition herself and prepare for the offensive.

So that No load can be triggered, the enemy must shoot at you or right next to you, or throw a grenade at your feet.

Coupled with its Smoke Lance ability, Charge Step becomes a formidable weapon for charging towards an enemy and covering a great distance while being almost unthreatening.

Things to know:

  • For the liability to be active, you must be in a sprint.
  • If the enemy stops shooting for a few seconds, No Charge can activate again. Depending on the situation, you can therefore be almost constantly under this speed boost.

Ultimate : Thunder rumbling

Ultimate competence Bangalore

With Thunder rumblingIn the case of Bangalore, a kind of smoke grenade is used as a landmark for planes to bomb the entire target area. The target area is very large, about 70 metres long and 50 metres wide. 

Once the ultimate is activated, you must wait 10 seconds before the bombs explode. Each of these bombs will inflict 40 points of damage to your opponents, blurring their vision and slowing them down. Although they do not inflict any damage on your allies, they will still be affected by the slowdown and their vision will be blurred.

Things to know:

  • If an enemy is hit by a bomb, the damage inflicted is displayed, allowing you to see where they are.
  • Using the ultimate before starting to shoot is effective in weakening opponents and causing them to change position, making them more vulnerable and easier to finish.