Apex Legends

Ash, the Instigator of Apex Legends

Ash Apex Legends

Ash is one of the latest Legends to arrive on Apex Legends. If you like to play aggressively, she will be perfect for you. Her skill set is designed to be very offensiveAlthough it doesn't do much damage. So, as you may have guessed, Ash excels in attack and this both in solo and with his allies. Its ultimate ability will be a formidable weapon for create surprise effects and quickly take the lead.

His mobility makes it formidable and hard to spot or to intercept, and her liabilities make her an indispensable Legend to have on your team for the information gathering on opposing positions.

Very powerful, it is also very technique to be taken in hand and you will need a little patience to master it properly.

Active : Arc Trap

Active capacity Ash

When you activate Arc trap, Ash equips herself with a kind of bolas that she throws in a straight line. She can throw it in any direction, horizontally or vertically, but always in a straight line. If she manages to hit her opponent, or if he comes within the range of the weapon, he is blocked in an area with a radius of about 5 metres. This blocking lasts an average of 3 seconds. When the enemy is hit, he suffers 20 points of damage if he is equipped with a shield and 10 points if he does not have one. 

Bow Trap will prove very useful for sniping opponents, or blocking them in close combat and then finishing them off. It can also be a good way to escape a fight if you feel you don't have the advantage.

Things to know:

  • If you are too close to your opponent, the animation will not be triggered immediately.
  • The range of the weapon is very long, but its speed is relatively slow and enemies will have time to see it coming.

Liabilities : Conviction

Passive capacity Ash

Conviction is probably one of the strongest liabilities in the game at the moment. When an opponent dies, Ash can see on her mini-map the location of the loot crate he leaves behind. This allows her to easily get information on the positions of her enemies. Moreover, when she approaches one of these crates, she can mark it. This means that if the allies of the person killed are still alive, they will also be marked and Ash will be able to see their location on the map. 

Condemnation is a very good way to catch opponents by surprise or to determine the areas where fights are taking place. Therefore, be sure to check your mini-map regularly so that you don't miss any important information.

Things to know:

  • Ash can only mark the allies of a killed person once.

Ultimate : Phase break

Ultimate capacity Ash

Phase break is a teleportation similar to Wraith's, except that Ash's is one-way. Ash places a starting and an ending portal, up to 65 metres away, and can teleport. Once positioned, the portals remain active for 15 seconds and can be used by anyone, allies or enemies. 

Although this teleportation is one-way, Ash can return to the original portal as many times as she likes during the 15 seconds of activity. This is a great way to surprise enemies if the two portals are close enough together.

Ash can use Phasic Break both horizontally and vertically to gain height. This is a very good way to gather information on enemy positions, but also to reposition himself during a fight. Ash can also take his opponents by surprise by going behind them to finish them off with his allies. Finally, the ultimate can simply be an escape option in case the fight does not go in your favour.

Things to know:

  • Teleportation is instantaneous and very fast.
  • Phase Break can be combined with the Bow Trap ability to teleport close to an enemy after immobilising them.