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Tier List of Legends available in Season 12

With 20 Legends in totalYou may be wondering which one is the best in the game. You should know that none of them will guarantee you victory every time, especially when you play in Trio. Nevertheless, some Legends have advantages and will allow you to create the best possible composition, in order to put all the chances of victory on your side. The following tier list reflects the analysis of several tier lists. It highlights the best Legends for Trio mode.

Legends Tier List - Season 12
Legends Tier List - Season 12 - Apex Legends

The Legends of Rank S

Gibraltar Apex Legends
Wraith Apex Legends
Bloodhound Apex Legends
Valkyrie Apex Legends

Gibraltar Defensive Legend: This is the defensive legend to have in your team. It will allow you to protect your allies with the "Protective Dome" as well as to attack the enemy with its ultimate "Defensive Bombardment".

Wraith This is a stealthy and agile Legend. She is particularly good at gathering information thanks to her "Voice of the Void" passive. Thanks to the portals of her ultimate skill "Dimensional Rift", the entire team has the advantage of being able to move quickly.

Bloodhound If played well as a team, this character is extremely strong. He will allow you to detect enemies, but also loots via "Eye of the Stormmaker". This skill is very strong at the end of the game, especially if combined with "Tracker".

Valkyrie Valkyrie: Thanks to her Jetpack, Valkyrie is useful for reconnaissance and information gathering. In addition to her role as a scout, she gives her team a definite advantage thanks to the "Celestial Jump".

A-rank Legends

Octane Apex Legends
Pathfinder Apex Legends
Ash Apex Legends
Caustic Apex Legends

Octane This Legend is perfect for those who like aggressive combat. It is very strong but complex, and thus requires as much skill in shooting as game-sense, to know when and how to manage your HP and use your spells. Even if it is played solo, its springboard can benefit the whole team.

Pathfinder Pathfinder: Thanks to the Tyrolean traverse, he is one of the few Legends who can reach "normally unreachable" areas and, above all, make his entire team benefit from it. If you or your teammates like to play with snipers, then Pathfinder will be a great addition to your squad.

Ash This Legend is best used if you like aggressive play, as you'll get the most out of it. Your team will get many advantages thanks to this character as much through his passive, to get loot or information, as through the portals created thanks to his ultimate to move quickly.

Caustic If you like versatility, you may enjoy Caustic; but beware! This Legend is double-edged: if you manage your gas clouds and know how to use them perfectly, your team will be at a huge advantage; if not, you won't be useful.

The B-rank Legends

Crypto Apex Legends
Bangalore Apex Legends
Loba Apex Legends
Horizon Apex Legends
Lifeline Apex Legends

Crypto With this Legend, you'll be fishing for information! Knowing that its passive and ultimate are dependent on the Surveillance Drone, you'll have to learn how to use it well to best serve your team. If you don't, this legend won't do much for your teammates.

Bangalore Again, if you like versatility, go for Bangalore. You will be useful in offensive or defensive phases, provided you have a very good knowledge of smoke. The ultimate gives you a good advantage in dislodging opponents, but when misused, it can backfire.

Loba This Legend is very interesting if you play well as a team, otherwise it won't bring much. Indeed, you won't find better Legends to quickly find good loot for your team, either through its passive or its ultimate.

Horizon This Legend, rather offensive, will allow you to take information and to facilitate the movements of your team thanks to its asset "Gravity lift". His ultimate "Black Hole" can make the difference at the end of the game, but you will have to understand it well not to affect your own team.

Lifeline Lifeline is THE healer. It is a very good Legend, which will always find a use via its "Drone DOC" or its "Support Pack". However, the robot is fixed, which can easily backfire. In addition to healing, you benefit from easier reanimation as your hands are free.

C-rank Legends

Rampart Apex Legends
Revenant Apex Legends
Seer Apex Legends
Fuse Apex Legends
Wattson Apex Legends
Mad Maggie Apex Legends
Mad Maggie

Rampart Legendary: This is an effective Legendary in defence thanks to its "Force Field" asset. Nevertheless, this skill remains situational as the gameplay of Apex Legends is quite dynamic and does not always allow for waiting phases in front of the enemy. Moreover, its miniguns make anyone who uses it vulnerable. You must therefore play as a team to deploy its potential.

Revenant Revenant : If you know how to play solitaire, but you still want to bring an interesting asset to your team, Revenant can please you. Indeed, you benefit from speed bonuses via his passive, which is fun to do stealth rushes, but also bring a plus for the team via the "Totem of frag".

Seer Seer: Seer is useful for gathering information thanks to its skill set, but is not as effective as it was in the beginning. In addition to information gathering, you can prevent enemies from using their skills.

Fuse This Legend relies on aggression and bombardment of enemies, especially with his 'Scatter Bomb' and 'Big Prize'. While he is good at attacking and area control to some extent, his skills don't really get him out of tricky situations.
You will have to play with your teammates in these cases.

Wattson She is one of the defensive legends of the game. She can easily find her place in a team. Depending on your team's play style, use her skills to take information or go on the offensive. You need to know her ultimate so that she doesn't turn against your team.

Mad Maggie This is not necessarily the most useful Legend, but can fit well into a team if you are aggressive enough. You can easily dislodge opponents with his skills. However, other Legends may be more relevant for the same result.

The D-rank legend

Mirage Apex Legends

Mirage Mirage: Despite some interesting spells and his "cool" break, Mirage remains the least useful Legend. His abilities allow him to create clones, to make invisible and to take information. It can indeed be useful if mastered, but remains too complex to handle for its usefulness.

You now have all the information you need to select your Legends or to choose who to unlock first if you start playing Apex Legends. For full details on Legends, please refer to our guides.