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Apex Legends : The best loot areas on Olympus

If you're not a new player to Apex Legends, forget what you knew about Olympus, because some things have changed with the Season 12 update. Which loot areas are the best and will get your hands on the rarest loot? We tell you more in this guide.

The best loot areas in Olympus

Best loot areas of Olympus Apex Legends

Hammond Labs

Prior to season 12, the Hammond Labs was a very popular place for squads. Today it is a quieter place, although still attractive. The loot here is of a medium level, which can be very good for starting a game. To find rarer loot, just move to the Residences or to the Energetic Repository. Be careful though, although the area is less hectic than before, you are likely to come across other squads and have a hectic start to the game.


Although it is out of the way, the Rift is an area where many squads meet. If you venture there, you must be prepared to fight at all times, especially if you go at the beginning of the game. We do not recommend this area for beginners and insecure players. For the rest of us, you can have a great time! After collecting high-level loot, head to the centre of the area where there is an energy orb. This is actually a teleporter that will randomly send you around the map to places where there are other teleporters. This can be a very good way to reposition yourself on the map so don't hesitate to use it.

Bonsai Square

The Bonsai Square is the ideal place for players who like to fight. It is a highly contested area because there is a lot of loot to be found here. It also has a lot of corners and narrow corridors, which makes it easy to catch and kill your enemies. Although the items that can be found are of intermediate level, you can see on the map above that there is a place in Bonsai Square that offers more rare loot. Named Reverie Lounge, this indoor area is made up of strategic points to defend and is perfect for creating ambushes. If you don't like to fight early in the game, avoid this area for the first ten minutes of the game, as it's usually carnage. 

Hydroponic Complex

Do you like to start your game calmly? Then go to Hydroponic Complex. Although it has high level loot, it is not very popular due to its very off-centre position on the map. Furthermore, it is surrounded by areas with little interest and low-level loot, with the exception of theElysium. So that's not where you'll find the most squads. Once you've collected everything you need, you can head north to reach rare loot areas or head to the centre of the map to start fighting other teams.

Towers district

The Towers district is an area with many high buildings in which you can find many items. If you have a Loba in your team, so it can be the perfect place to start a game. This is because, with her Sharp Eye skill, she can spot epic or legendary level loot that is near her. This is an area that can sometimes be contested, but is usually quite quiet and therefore ideal for a quiet start to a game.


Finally, if you want to find golden loot, we recommend two places. First of all, we recommend the OasisThis area also offers a lot of mid-level loot. From this area you can quickly reach the centre of the map or run north to several high level loot areas like Soir de Combat, Transporter or the Docks. It is however a rather contested place, especially the Aquatic Café, as this is where you will find the rarest items.

Phase generator

The Phase generator is the second place to go. Although it only offers items of low rarity, you will find a teleporter in the centre of the area that will reveal loot when activated. You will be able to pick up a golden item, as well as two other items whose rarity level can vary. Be careful though, the teleporter makes a lot of noise and the surrounding squads will quickly know what you are doing. So stay on your guard.

Of course, Olympus has many other places where you can find loot, but we have focused on the most important areas. You should also be aware that even if you are in a place where the loot level is low, you will still have a small chance of finding rarer items.