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Apex Legends: The best Storm Zone loot areas

Are you new to Apex Legends and wondering where to find the best loot on the latest map released in the game, Storm Zone? This guide will try to help you find the best equipment possible.

The best Storm Zone loot areas

Apex Legends : The best Storm Zone loot zones - best apex legends loot zones -

Command Centre

The Command Centre is a place carved out of the mountain that promises to offer you a lot of rare loot. If you are new to the game or don't like hectic starts, this is the place to avoid. Indeed, this is probably the most contested loot area in Storm Zone. Many squads go there at the beginning of the game and all end up in the same place, as there is only one way to get inside. So if you go in, you'll need to get your hands on a weapon quickly, otherwise you won't last more than a few minutes. There are also many zip lines that allow you to reach the top of the mountain very quickly. From this point you can also easily reach the Monitoring Station where you will find high-level loot.


Barometer is the second area to avoid at the beginning of the game if you don't like to fight as soon as you put your foot down. It is very easy to get your hands on equipment here as there are many loot boxes and items on the ground. However, this loot will be very much contested by the many teams present there. Beyond the loot on offer, the attractiveness of the zone is due to the gravity cannons that surround it and which greatly energise the game. These allow you to reach all the important points of the map, but are also very useful to escape from a fight or to fight in the air. In addition, you can easily gain height thanks to the central building of the zone. This will allow you to easily control the surroundings and eliminate anyone who tries to approach.


Wall is an excellent area to find rare and epic equipment. It has many loot boxes and many items on the ground. Despite this, it is a fairly uncrowded area and therefore the perfect place for a quiet start to the game. Indeed, being very far north of the map, it is often far from the safe zone circle and players rarely venture there. However, should the drop ship pass over the top of the map, expect to encounter other squads. So be careful, as the area is very open and has very few buildings where you can take cover if you find yourself under fire.

Fish farm

Like the Wall, the Fish Farm is an area where you will encounter few squads, as it is quite remote. You can therefore start your game quietly, while finding everything you need to equip yourself and win battles. It's a large open space, lined with many buildings where you can find a lot of loot and hide in case other players pass by. You'll also see plenty of loot boxes and can get your hands on a vehicle that will allow you to quickly get to more central areas such as Antenna or Barometer.

Control point

Control Point is a very open area where you will find high level loot. You will normally encounter very few players and, in the worst case scenario, you will have plenty of buildings to hide and wait, or to take your enemies by surprise. A large zip line runs through the area and will allow you to easily get from point A to point B.

Lightning conductor

By going to Lightning conductorIf you're looking for a place to go, expect to come across a lot of rare items. This is an important location and the preferred area for snipers. The verticality of the place makes it the highest point of the map and allows you to get a lot of height to dominate the surroundings. Once up there, you will be extremely difficult to dislodge. However, you will also find it very difficult to get out if you are surrounded.

Springboard North

Springboard North is a very large and open area. As it is made up of many trenches, you will be able to move around quite stealthily, safe from enemy bullets. Although the level of loot found here is only intermediate, you will find plenty of it and you will have plenty to equip yourself with.

Of course, Storm Zone has many other places where you can find loot, but we have focused on the most important areas. You should also be aware that even if you are in a place with a low loot level, there is always a small chance that you will find some rare items.