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Apex Legends: The best loot areas in the Canyon of the Kings

Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced player of Apex Legends, you've no doubt noticed that the equipment you pick up on the map has several levels of rarity. But where do you find the rarest loot when you start a game in Canyon of Kings? This guide will help you know where to go to find rare gear.

The best loot areas in the Canyon of the Kings

Best loot areas Canyon of the Kings Apex Legends

The Canyon of the Kings has a lot of areas where you can find epic, and sometimes even legendary if you are lucky. As you can see from the map above, these areas are mostly concentrated on the outer edges of the map. The interior of the canyon is mostly made up of areas with rare loot, which is no mean feat. Of course, you can find high-level loot everywhere, but your percentages of luck are much higher in specific areas.

The Artillery

L'Artillery is a very popular area in the Canyon of the Kings and also a very good place to start a game. For good reason, you have a chance of finding high level items here. It's a fairly large area, with lots of loot on the ground and many crates to open. This is an area that is likely to attract several squads, so you will need to be careful when going there. However, the location is quite strategic and may allow you to reach other areas with rare loot, such as the Crash website just above, or theOld Relais on the right. 

The Crash Site

The Crash website is also a very interesting place to start, as there is a large amount of items and a very good level of rarity. It's quite a popular place so expect to run into other squads.

The Old Relais

You can therefore also choose to join theOld RelaisYou will have to be aware that your chances of finding rare loot are much lower than in the Artillery. As a result, few squads venture out here, and we advise you to do the same, as this is clearly not the best place to start. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a quiet start, you are sure to be in the right place. Beware, however, of players who may come up from the swamps with loot far more powerful than yours.

The Marshes

Concerning the MarshesIt is a very large area with several houses in which you can find many different items. You can hide there if you see another squad or set a trap for them easily. In addition, the area is close to a respawn point and a jump ball, which will allow you to get from point A to point B quickly.

The Hydraulic Dam

To the west of the marshes is the Hydraulic damThe game is made up of long corridors and tunnels that offer the possibility to escape quickly in case of an enemy attack or to take your opponents by surprise. Even if the items found there are of a slightly lower level, it is still largely acceptable.


If we focus on the opposite side of the map, we come across the Drainage. It is an ideal place for beginners, as there are many places to hide and protect yourself from enemy attacks, as well as lots of loot. It is also close to a respawn point. It is therefore an ideal area to start a game, especially since it is surrounded by places where you can find high level loot, such as the Bigarré Lake and the Arena.

The Arena

Speaking of theArenaDon't think about going there without good equipment. It's not a great place to start a game, but it's a great place for snipers. The area is open, with no hiding places and large walls to sit and wait for your opponents. There is also a lot of loot of a high level of rarity. Moreover, it is located near a respawn point as well as a topographical beacon. What more could you want?

The Air Force Base

Although only having medium level loot, the Airbase is also a very interesting place, especially for starting a game. If you choose to go there, you will always find something to equip yourself with or add to your equipment. Beware of the drainage area just above; it can protect you, but it can also make it easy for enemies to attack you. However, it is a place full of hiding places and, if you are discreet and quick enough, you may be able to escape enemy fire.

Treatment of Caustic

Finally, the Treatment of Caustic is one of the most popular places on the map. There is a huge amount of loot on the ground and in crates, so it's a great place to start. Nearby you will also find a jump ball to escape or to move faster.

Of course, the Canyon of the Kings has many other places where you can find loot, but we have concentrated on the most important areas. You should also be aware that even if you are in a place where the loot level is low, you will still have a small chance of finding rarer items.