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Coaching evening with TheSniper on Age of Empires 4

On Mandatory.GG, we have prepared for you a range of guides on Age of Empires 4! But nothing can replace a coaching session with a professional player! That's why Mandatory and TheSniper offer you a special Age of Empires 4 evening where the player and caster will coach 4 of you !

This coaching session will take place live on the Twitch channel of TheSniper, Wednesday 19 January, from 7pm.
It will be for 4 players, of all levels. For almost an hourSelected players will be able to benefit from the expertise of TheSniper, which will provide tips and tricks before challenging them to a build-order challenge. Who will be the fastest and most efficient? Suspense!

TheSniper and Age of Empires

TheSniper is a pro player of Age of Empires who has been active in AoE 2 and AoE 4. won the first edition of the tournament With Originality and Enthusiasm on Age of Empires 2, and finished second in the Rage Forest and the tournament The Age of Empire Royalrespectively on episodes 2 and 4. But he also officiates as a caster of the game, since he commented several major tournaments such as the King of the Desert 3 and Hidden Cup IV on Age of Empires 2 or the GENESIS on Age of Empires 4.

TheSniper shares his top games as well as his advice and analysis on YouTube channel. You will therefore find many guides in real conditions.

How to register for the session

If you want to participate in this event :

  • Theregistration is open to all from Wednesday 12 January until Monday 17 January in the morning. To do so, please visit the Discord of Mandatory.GG.
  • In theCoaching evening" tab, indicate your wish to participate in the draw which will determine who will be coached. You can simply write "I want to participate" in the conversation.
  • The Monday 17 JanuaryIn the early afternoon, the 4 elected members will be drawn by lot. The names will be revealed on the Mandatory Discord and Twitter.

The selected individuals will be contacted for an interview with TheSniper to determine their current level. This preliminary meeting aims to personalise the coaching, in order to propose adapted improvement paths.

Get to your keyboards!

In the meantime, you can continue your training on Age of Empires 4 via Mandatory. Whether you are looking for how to change age or which units are specific to the FrenchYou can find the answers to your questions in our various dedicated guides.

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