Age of Empires 4

Ottomans and Malians arrive in Age Of Empires 4

Age Of Empires 4 has been available for almost a year now. Until then, this opus proposed you to put yourself in command of eight different civilisations. Abbasids, Mongols, English or Chinese, there is something for everyone and every style of play. Your choices will soon expand, as the game will soon welcome two new civilizations, namely the Ottomans and Malians. They will be available from 25 October.

On 25 October, the Age Of Empires celebrates its 25th anniversary. For the occasion, Age of Empires 4 will receive a new free update, which will bring a lot of new features. With this future patch 24916the developers will introduce two new civilisations The Ottomans and the Malians.

The Ottomans in Age of Empires 4

The Ottoman civilization will suit players who enjoy the large-scale fighting, the imposing armies and the destruction. In order to break through the enemies' defences, the Ottomans have of cannonswhich will inflict significant damage. As you saw in the video presentation, they will even knock down walls with ease. Warriors sent to the front or villagers will benefit from boosts when they are nearby. of the MehterThis civilisation also introduces the Sipahi, other war horsemen who specialise in motivational music. This civilisation also introduces the Sipahi, other horsemen ready for battle!

Ottoman special units: the Mehter
Boost your units with the lively melodies of the Mehters
Ottoman cannons
Break through opposing lines with their firepower!

One of the major assets of the Ottomans appeared as early as the First Age. It is the the Military Schoola unique building that allows produce combat units for free. Moreover, this civilisation benefits from a Imperial Council system which gives access to nine specific technologies.

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Malians in Age of Empires 4

The Malian civilisation will be aimed primarily at players who are keen on short fights and ambushes. The Musofadi WarriorsOne of the three unique units in the civ, they are fast and inflict a lot of damage. They are therefore perfectly suited to this style of play. The other two special units are the Donsoanti-cavalry warrior-hunters and Javelin Throwerswhich replace the crossbowmen.

The Musofadi Warriors of Mali - AoE 4
The Musofadi Warriors specialise in ambushes...
The Donso of the Malians - AoE 4
Decimate the opposing cavalry with the Donso!

While its discrete units are a definite strength, Malian civilisation will draw all its power from the gold deposits. The Malians can build mines that generate gold automatically This will make it easier to buy new units and to attack the opposing village with a strong army.

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Very attentive to their community, the developers have decided to resurrect two nice features, available on older versions. After the deployment of the update, you will be able to make fun of you gently of your opponents with taunts, but also make your games more atypical with the help of... cheat codes.

Play as a space soldier in AoE4
This unit seems to be very appropriate for the time of the game!

In addition, the teams have already revealed that players will also benefit from eight new cards and two new biomes unique. More content is planned, but no information has been released about it. This will be the birthday surprise!