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Age of Empires 4 Civilizations Tier List

Whether you are a seasoned player or a novice, you may be wondering Which civilization should be selected to ensure victory in Age of Empires 4? The answer is simple: there is no civilisation that ensures victory every time. Each game is played on a different card, a card that can greatly influence, for good or bad, your chance of success. Moreover, a small mistake can be enough to lose the game despite a comfortable lead!

Despite this, some civilizations have definite advantages and can help you to put all the chances of victory on your side. The following tier-list reflects an analysis of several tier-lists. It attempts to highlight the best civilisations to use in 1-on-1.

The best civs to win

Age of Empires 4 civilizations tier list - aoe4 tier list civilizations -
S: French // A: English, Rus', Mongols, // B: Holy Roman Empire, Abbasid Dynasty // C: Chinese, Delhi Sultanate

Grade S Civilisation - The French

Single unit - The Royal Knights

It is a versatile and easy to learn civilization, and is the perfect nation to start with in AOE 4. It has the better army thanks, in particular, to the royal knights which allow for easy pressure strokes from the second age.

Also, on water cards, the French have no equal, their fleet, composed of galleasses, is the most powerful in the game. In addition, this civilisation benefits from many bonuses that increase as the game progresses and you pass the ages.

However, being recognised as the best at present, many strategies have been published and analysed. Most PvP players are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the French and know how to adapt. This will require you to perform well to ensure victory.

Grade A Civilizations - The English, Rus' and Mongols

  • The English

The English are among the best nations, just behind the French. They have the best archers in AOE 4, longbow archers. At the beginning of the game, archers' rushes can quickly give you the advantage, or even end the match at age II.

The English also take advantage of a reduced wood costs and increased profitability of farms make this civilisation one of the simplest in terms of management. However, be careful not to get caught short in the forests.

At the end of the game, it is an efficient civilisation if you are adept at defence, thanks to the defensive buildings and the armed villagers. However, at this stage of the game, the English civ may lack a bit of 'punch' compared to others better stocked to go on the offensive.

Single unit - Longbow archers
  • The Rus'
Single unit - The warrior-monks

The Rus' could almost be placed in tier S, but the French are still more powerful on some points; for example on a water card, the tricolour navy outperforms the Rus'.

The civilization is quite simple to handle and is particularly versatile and will be difficult to counter at the end of the game. It has a strong but above all diversified economy. This economy is your strength in the long run, but also your weakness at the beginning of the game.

Therefore, even though it has reinforced wooden buildingsthe civilisation of the Rus'. may not build stone wallss. But nothing is lost. The Rus' get the primitive knights from age IIIf you have an aggressive style, you will be able to rush the enemy quite quickly and gain the advantage.

Finally, the warrior-monks are a considerable advantage if you wish to play the objectives of the relics and sacred places.

  • The Mongols

Thanks to theacquisition of knights from age IYou will be able to make very big rushes at the beginning of the game and therefore quickly overthrow your opponent. In addition, at the end of the game, you will acquire the Mangudai unitA good horse archer who can shoot his arrows even while moving.

The mobility of the Mongols also allows you to adapt to your opponent's game. However, it is a fairly easily contracted since it is dependent on stone. Please be vigilant!

Mastering the Mongols will require more practice than civilizations such as the English or the French.

Single unit - The mangudai

Grade B Civilizations - The Holy Roman Empire and the Abbasids

  • The Holy Roman Empire
aoe4-holy empire-roman-prelates-unit
Single unit - The prelates

The Germanic Holy Roman Empire is a safe bet thanks to its ability to create a large army quickly. Beware, the latter is particularly golden gourmet a point that can be really disabling if you don't manage your mines properly.

If you want to take it in hand, you will need to look at how relics work Indeed, this civilisation receives a lot of bonuses thanks to them.

Also, civilization is based on the use of prelatesThey are religious people who can heal and boost other units.

  • The Abbasid dynasty

It is probably THE civ to play to bring down the FrenchThe Abbasid dynasty had its own set of rules and regulations. The Abbasid dynasty hadunits mounted on camels which are effective against horsemen.

While its operation can be confusing, the system of wings added to the house of wisdom offers you some very interesting bonuses.

As a result, the civ is particularly strong at the end of the gamebut can be shown to be a little slow at first.

Single unit - The camel drivers

Grade C Civilizations - The Chinese and the Delhi Sultanate

  • The Chinese
Single unit - Honeycombs

This civilisation has real potential. It has extremely strong defences and an ability to build buildings much faster than other civs. At the end of the game, it is a particularly powerful civilisation and is difficult to reach.

The Chinese could be placed in the B or even A rank. Nevertheless, it remains very complex to handle, especially with the management of dynasties. Also, and unlike other civs, there is a definite lack of clean and effective strategies on offer at the moment.

Finally, a good opponent with rush units in the early ages, such as the Mongols, will have a significant advantage in tipping the balance in his favour.

  • The Sultanate of Delhi

It is a fact that the Sultanate's special units, warrior elephants, with or without a tower, are extremely strong and few buildings can withstand a rush of behemoths; but therein lies the problem of this civilisation. At the time of writing, the victory strategy with the Sultanate almost exclusively involves obtaining these armed mammals.

If you face an experienced player who quickly understands your goal and targets your training camps, defeat seems inevitable. On the other handIf you get them without too much trouble, you will be well on your way to winning the game.

Single unit - War elephants with archers' tower

At the time of writing this tier-list, the French civilization is undoubtedly the best civilization available on AOE 4 in 1v1, whether you are a beginner or not. Rus' and English are also very good choices to turn to if you want a change from French.

Are you planning to play in multiplayer? Then you need to think teamplay and synergy! Some civilizations are very strong individually but may be less relevant in multiplayer and vice versa.

Find out how to get started in our guide as well as all the single units and the advantages of different civilizations.

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