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The unique units of civilisations

As with all Age of Empires titles, each civilization available in Age of Empires 4 has its own units. All of these special units are listed below. If you'd like to know more about each one, please visit the guides for each civilization.

Units of the Rus' civilization

The Rus' have 2 important units:

The warrior-monk (Category: Religious cavalry), available from age III, and the streltsy (Category: Light Infantry) at age IV.

This civilisation also has access to a special fleet: each type of ship can be converted into another. It includes :

The fishing boat lodya (Category: TWorker, ship) and the transport vessel lodya (Category: Ship) from age I. The merchant ship lodya (Category: TWorker, ship) and the attack ship lodya (Category: Archer boat) from the second age and the demolition ship lodya (Category: Incendiary ship) to the third.

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to Rus'..

Units of the French

The French have 4 unique units including one particular ship:

The Royal Knight (Category: Heavy cavalry in close combat), is available from age II. You can access the other three after the transition to age III. You will thus have the possibility to integrate the crossbowman (Category: Light Infantry Ranged), the galley (Category: Ship), best ship of the game and the royal cannon (Category: Siege machinery).

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to the French.

Units of the Mongolian civilisation

The Mongols have 2 unique units:

From the beginning of the game, the Khan (Category: Light cavalry), which is automatically generated at the beginning of the game and the mangudai (Category: Light cavalry at a distance), available at age II.

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to Mongolians.

Units of the English

The English have 2 specific units:

If the villagers (Category: Worker) are available to all, those of the English are better equipped. On the other hand you have access to the longbow infantryman (Category: Light Infantry Ranged) as early as Age II. This is the best archer available in Age of Empires 4.

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to the English.

Abbasid Dynasty Units

The Abbasids have 2 specific units:

This is the particularity of this civilisation, you will be able to access units mounted on camels. L'archer on camel (Category: Ranged cavalry, camel) unlocks in Age II, while the chamelier (Category: Light cavalry in close combat, camel) is only available at age III.

For more information, please visit the guide to the Abbasids.

Delhi Sultanate Units

The Sultanate of Delhi has 4 unique units, including 1 ship:

From the earliest age you have access to fishing boat (Category: Worker, ship), the only fishing vessel capable of defending itself, and thescholar (Category: Religious).

From age III onwards, you will be able to unlock the characteristic behemoths of this civilisation. There are two types: thewar elephant (Category: Heavy cavalry in close combat, elephant) and thewar elephant with tower (Category: Ranged cavalry, elephant).

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to the Sultanate of Delhi.

Units of Chinese civilisation

It is with the Chinese civilisation that you will have the most unique units (excluding ships). Some are accessible by simply passing the ages, others require dynasty changes:

In the first age, you can unlock theimperial officer (Category: Worker). The Chu ko nu (Category: Light Infantry Ranged) will be available on the second. The palace guard (Category: Heavy Infantry in Close Combat), the fire thrower (Category: Light cavalry in close combat) and the honeycomb (Category: Seat tools). To add the grenadier (Category: Light Infantry Ranged) to your army, you will have to wait until age IV.

Concerning the Chu ko nu, the fire spearman and the grenadier: the first one belongs to the Song dynasty, the second to the Yuan dynasty, and the third to the Ming dynasty. To access these units you must either play the corresponding dynasty or unlock the "Alley of Spirits" building.

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to the Chinese.

Units of the Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire has 2 special units:

The first is a religious unit, the prelate (Category: Religious), available from age one. To unlock the second one, you will have to go to age III, which is the lansquenet (Category: Light Infantry in close combat).

For more information, please visit the guide to the Holy Roman Empire.

Ottoman units

The Ottomans have unique units, both on land and on water. To fully enjoy this civilisation, one has to wait for the second age.

At age II, you will gain access to to the sipahi (Category: Light cavalry), and than to the mether (Category: Light cavalry in close combat). The latter is a real support for military units. By passing an additional age, you will have access to to the janitor (Category: Light artillery infantry) and the great galley (Category: Ship). It is the only ship that can be converted into a floating military school. In the last age, you can get the great bombard (Category: Siege, gunpowder). These cannons are devastating and can easily overcome enemy defences.

For more information, go to the Ottoman guide.

Malian units

The Malians have very interesting units, which can be stealthy. Thanks to this asset, you can easily surround opposing units and create ambushes.

At age I, you get the Donso (Category: Light Infantry in close combat), a useful fighter against nearby units. Age II gives you access to most of the Malian specific units. You will thus be able to take advantage of the scout-warrior (Category: Light Infantry in close combat), Javelin Thrower (Category: Light Infantry Ranged), of the Sofa (Category: Heavy cavalry in close combat) and the Musofadi Warrior (Category: Light Infantry in close combat). It is the latter that will allow you to take your enemy by surprise thanks to stealth. The Musofadi Artist (Category: Light artillery infantry), unlocked at age IV, is powerful and also has the stealth talent.

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran of the Age of Empire universe, you'll find plenty to improve your skills in our Age of Empires 4 guides.

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