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The Holy Roman Empire in Age of Empires 4

The Holy Roman Empire is a powerful, if expensive, civilisation. Find out everything there is to know about the Romans in Age of Empires 4 with our guide.

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In Age of Empires 4, the Holy Roman Empire covers a period from 936 to 1517 AD. Through this civilisation, you take the reins of the successor to the Ancient Roman Empire, controlling central Europe and able to capture Rome.

aoe4-holy empire-roman-civilization

The Romans' bonuses

  • Prelates are available from age I,
  • Primitive men-at-arms available from age II,
  • When relics are garrisoned in an outpost, dungeon or tower, the building gains benefits: gold generation, increased vision and weapon ranges, improved damage and armour,
  • Ports have relic slots. Get attack speed bonuses for all your ships: +5%/relic (with +25% maximum),
  • The cost of outposts, towers and dungeons is reduced by 25%.

Specific units and their characteristics

The Holy Roman Empire has 2 unique units, which are unlocked in order:

From age I - The prelate (Category: Religious). The prelate is a support unit, without combat capability, extremely important. He can provide bonuses to the villagers (made 40% faster at work for 30s via sacred inspiration) and to the army (healing). The prelate can, from age III, recover relics, capture sacred places and convert enemies. On the other hand, he has a low health.

From age III - The lansquenet (Category: Light Infantry in close combat). Very useful for inflicting area damage with his two-handed sword, but has no armour and low health.

aoe4-holy empire-roman-lansquenets-unit
Single unit - The lansquenets
aoe4-holy empire-roman-prelates-unit
Single unit - The prelates

The strategic bases of the Holy Roman Empire

The name of the civilisation speaks for itself. The Holy Roman Empire draws its strength from its efficient army, supported by the prelates, the religious units. You also have a very good ability to regenerate your army and buildings when the opponent hits a big blow. Your gameplay will therefore revolve around these two elements.

Your goal is twofold: to build a large army and to collect relics. To do this, you must quickly build a stable and solid economy, in order to reach age III as soon as possible. At the age change, you must set out for Regnitz Cathedral. From then on, you will have to collect relics.

At the same time, think about building up your army. When you have enough units, launch your rush on the opposing city.

A powerful but expensive army


  • Strong and important economy
  • Very interesting profits via relics
  • Large and rapidly deployable army
  • Strong defences


  • Expensive army

The Holy Roman Empire is a sure thing. Nevertheless you must be comfortable with managing the economy and in particular gold. If you like big armies, this civ is for you!

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