Age of Empires 4

The English in Age of Empires 4

The English are experts in the use of wood and archers. Find out everything you need to know about the English in Age of Empires 4 in our overview.

Difficulty estimated by the developers : ☆ ☆

In Age of Empires 4, the civilisation of the English stretches from 850 to 1555 AD, during which time the English territory has undergone four different eras of invasion and power change. The English are thus built on the eras of Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, Gothic English and Tudor.


Civilization bonuses

  • Farms cost 50% less wood to build and get a speed bonus for collecting under the influence of mills (15/20/25/30%),
  • The cutting edge men-at-arms are available from age I,
  • The villagers are stronger, armed and belligerent,
  • Get the castle network bonus via forums, outposts, towers and dungeons: +25% attack speed for all units involved,
  • Your forums are upgraded to shoot twice as many arrows at enemy units,
  • Military ships gain range (+1).

Specific units and their characteristics

The English have 2 unique units, which are unlocked in order:

From age I - The villagers (Category: Worker). If all civilizations have villagers, they are stronger and able to defend themselves with their short bows.

From age II - The longbow infantryman (Category: Light Infantry Ranged). This is the characteristic unit of the English. These long-range archers are particularly effective against cavalry and can protect themselves with a defensive palis.

Single unit - The villagers
Single unit - Longbow archers

The strategic bases of the English

With the English, you will have the choice of playing either defensive or aggressive; in either case, be careful if you are playing against civilisations, such as the Mongols, who may raid your buildings and units in the first age.

The gameplay will have to be based around the "Castle Network" bonus. Your first step in the game will be to create your economy; focus on using the resources available before building farms, you will build them later.

At the first age change, whether you want to play aggressively or defensively, go to the "Council Hall". Here you can quickly produce an army of longbowmen. The production of archers should be done almost continuously, with the addition of pikemen in parallel. If you decide to play very defensively, you must build a second forum in age II.

Focus on the 'White Tower' at the next change, to take advantage of the 'Network of Castles' upgrade and make your army attack even faster. At the last change, again, you can maximise the effects of 'Castle Network' by building 'Berkshire Palace'. At this stage of the game, consider the 'Enclosure' upgrade obtained via the 'Mill' to spontaneously produce gold via farms.

English civilization is a good compromise


  • Reduced wood costs and increased farm profitability
  • Stronger villagers
  • Very good defensive buildings
  • Best archers in the game
  • Attack speed


  • Few single units
  • Restricted mobility of the army
  • Gameplay potentially a little flat
  • Predictable strategy

If you are new to the game, this civilization is easy to use and effective.

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