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Build order - How to move into the feudal age?

In Age of Empires 4The transition to the feudal age, age II, is essential to put all the chances on your side and bring you closer to victory; to do this, there is an effective build order, whatever your civilisation.

The dark ages are not conducive to victory and only serve to build the foundations of your economy, so it is important to get out of them as quickly as possible. In order to make this change effectively, you must carefully follow the build order below.

Transition to the feudal age

When playing Age of Empires, you may wonder "What should I do? In what order?", especially when you're just starting out. The build orders are there to answer your questions and make your life easier; they indicate how to dispatch your villagers, which building to build and in what order. These "guides" are worked on, tested and analysed to make them as optimal as possible in order to achieve a particular objective in a limited time.

In this case, you aim for a quick transition to the feudal age. You can then take advantage of all the benefits it grants and start putting your opponent under pressure. For change ageIn order to build your age monument, you must obtain the resources necessary to do so. At the first change, you must have 400 food and 200 gold.

If you follow the instructions below, and if everything goes according to plan, you should reach the second age after about 5 minutes of play. To display the game time, go to Settings > UI > Then activate the "Display game time" box.

At the beginning of the game, 6 villagers are present and you already have 200 food, 150 wood and 100 gold, which makes the transition easier. You will need 12 villagers in total for this build order, distributed as follows:

  • 7 villagers with sheep,
  • 3 villagers with gold,
  • 2 villagers in the woods.

Build order - Steps to follow

The build order "Rapid transition to the feudal age" takes place in 4 phases that run in parallel: storing food, storing gold, collecting wood for the next phase and building the monument :

  • Recruit 3 new villagers.
  • Put the 6 available villagers on the sheep at the start. You have access to one or two sheep that are relatively close. Don't put them all on the same sheep, but on several: the yield will be better!
  • Send your scout to collect more sheep. Think of using the SHIFT+[Click on the position in the mini-map] command to move it to several places successively without worrying about it afterwards, but don't send it too far!
Start by storing food!
  • Place the 7th villager on the sheep.
  • Send the 8th villager to build a house and then a mining camp and place him at the gold.
  • Recruit 3 new villagers.
  • Send the 9th villager to the gold.
  • Send the 10th villager to the gold.
The construction of the monument requires gold!
  • Send the 11th villager to build a lumber camp and place it in the woods.
  • Send the 12th villager to the woods.
You will need wood in the feudal age!

You should quickly obtain the resources needed to build the monument. When this is the case, place two gold villagers in the construction.


Depending on the resources needed to create your military units in age II, you can modify this build order slightly and still get similar results. Thus, you could send the two villagers from wood to construction, if you want to stockpile gold quickly rather than wood. You could also consider not sending villagers 11 and 12 to the wood, but placing them on the gold directly.

In parallel to these steps, you can produce more villagers, for example 16 villagers at the change, and place them on the various useful resources.

You now have all the keys to move quickly from the Dark Ages to the Feudal Ages. All you have to do is practice to integrate the information and improve your timing. The victory is coming soon! For more information about Age of Empires 4, you can find all our guides.

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