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Age of Empires 4 Civilization Bonuses

In Age of Empire, each available civilization has its own unique bonuses. Whether it's hunting benefits, gold bonuses from sea trade, or free technology, find out about all the civilization-specific bonuses in Age of Empires 4 in this guide.

The bonuses of the Rus' civilization

This civilisation obtained several advantages from hunting and the use of wood:

  • Get gold and increase the bounty with the hunt,
  • Hunting bounties grant bonuses on food harvesting and increase the rate at which hunting huts generate gold,
  • Primitive knights are available from age II,
  • Build stronger palisades with double the life points,
  • Go to the hunting hut. This is an improved mill capable of producing scouts and generating gold from the surrounding forests,
  • Fishing boats can drop off food without returning to the dock,
  • Access the wooden fortresses. They have more life and additional garrison spaces.

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to Rus'..

The Chinese bonus

With the Chinese, you will be able to build your buildings quickly and build all age buildings:

  • Defences are built 50% faster than other civilisations. For other buildings, the speed increases by 100%,
  • Special bonuses of each dynasty, with the possibility to build the two buildings of each age,
  • The ports work 20% faster,
  • Chemistry" technology is free at age IV.

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to the Chinese.

Delhi Sultanate bonuses

The Sultanate has armed fishing boats and an infantry capable of building walls:

  • Wild boar harvesting is impossible, but berry harvesting is 25% faster,
  • Scholars are available from age I,
  • All technologies are free, but slower to do,
  • Infantry units are able to build defences,
  • Fishing boats have archers and can fight.

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to the Sultanate of Delhi.

Abbasid bonuses

The Abbasid dynasty offers unique gameplay in the House of Wisdom:

  • Infantry are efficient and can build siege engines (ram/seat tower) without unlocking 'Siege Expertise',
  • The wings of the "House of Wisdom" grant an influence bonus to nearby buildings: 5 points of fire armour,
  • Wild boar harvesting is impossible, but berry harvesting is 25% faster,
  • Get bonuses as you enter the 'Golden Age' of the Abbasids. The speed of resource collection, research and production is increased,
  • The cost of the ports is reduced by 50%.

For more information, please visit the guide to the Abbasids.

English civilisation bonuses

This civilisation offers you interesting defensive bonuses and facilitates harvesting via farms:

  • Farms cost 50% less wood to build and get a speed bonus for collecting under the influence of mills (15/20/25/30%),
  • The cutting edge men-at-arms are available from age I,
  • The villagers are stronger, armed and belligerent,
  • Get the castle network bonus via forums, outposts, towers and dungeons: +25% attack speed for all units involved,
  • Your forums are upgraded to shoot twice as many arrows at enemy units,
  • Military ships gain range (+1).

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to the English.

Mongolian bonuses

Mongolians are nomads, you get many bonuses related to this mobility:

  • All buildings can be dismantled and moved to another location,
  • No need for houses and unlocking the 200 villager limit at the start of the game,
  • Transport ships have an additional 50% health and 15% speed,
  • Primitive cavalrymen are available from age I and primitive cavalry lancers from age III,
  • If you set fire to opposing buildings, you will loot an additional 50 units of gold and food,
  • Double the production of units or develop advanced technologies with stones,
  • If you have more merchants on the trade routes, you get 10% of extra food, wood, gold and stones.

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to Mongolians.

French bonuses

The French are traders, mainly maritime. They benefit from discounts for everything related to trade and resource management:

  • The production of villagers and scouts is faster at each age (10, 15, 20, 20%),
  • Resource depot buildings cost 25 wood less,
  • The counters are indicated on the mini-map at the beginning of the game,
  • Merchants can bring all types of resources to the markets,
  • Close combat damage technologies are free,
  • Trade ships return with an additional 20% of gold,
  • The saving technologies are 30% cheaper.

For more information, please visit the guide dedicated to the French.

Bonuses of the Holy Roman Empire

This civilisation gets several bonuses related to the use of relics:

  • Prelates are available from age I,
  • Primitive men-at-arms available from age II,
  • When relics are garrisoned in an outpost, dungeon or tower, the building gains benefits: gold generation, increased vision and weapon ranges, improved damage and armour,
  • Ports have relic slots. Get attack speed bonuses for all your ships: +5%/relic (with +25% maximum),
  • The cost of outposts, towers and dungeons is reduced by 25%.

For more information, please visit the guide to the Holy Roman Empire.

Ottoman bonuses

The Ottomans had a very powerful army, especially through the use of large bombers. Also, this civilisation acquires unique technologies to develop:

  • Through the Vizier point system you can unlock 9 unique technologies. You get points by gaining experience through training units or changing age,
  • Military units can be produced free of charge, on a continuous basis, in military schools,
  • With the influence of Blacksmiths and Universities, get an increasing bonus to the production speed of military units with each new age,
  • It is possible to produce military units on water by transforming the big galley into a floating military school.

For more information, please visit the Ottoman guide.

Malian bonuses

The Malians are able to build up an extremely strong economy, not least because of their open-pit mines. Furthermore, stealth and ambush are central to this civilisation:

  • Build mines on gold seams and get ore even after they are exhausted.
  • You get free gold for every ship and merchant that passes by your toll booths.
  • You can easily produce food throughout the game with livestock.
  • The speed of your ships increases when they are near ports.
  • Musofadi units have a special ability called Stealth, giving you an effective way to create ambushes.
  • Houses are built faster and cheaper, but bring fewer inhabitants.
  • Veteran unit technologies cost half as much.

Now that you know the different bonuses of each of the civilizations, you can discover their characteristic units with our guide.

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