Yoru is an Agent who likes to deceive the senses of his opponents. Impossible to trust your eyes or ears when he's part of the fight. Yoru is a Japanese Duelist capable of moving without being seen or pretending to move. He's a very technical Agent to use.

Fakeout (Fake Out)

100 ⦻ – 2 Uses.


EQUIP an echo that imitates your footsteps once activated.


FIRE to activate and send your echo forward. Use ALT FIRE to place the echo in front of you without activating it.


USE an inactive echo to send it forward.

Blindside (Blindside)

200 ⦻ – 2 Possible Uses per round.


EQUIP yourself with an unstable dimensional fragment torn from reality.


FIRE to launch the fragment, which will cause a blinding shine shortly after touching a hard surface.

Gate Crash (Gatecrash)

(Signature) – Recharges after 2 kills


EQUIP a dimensional beacon.


FIRE to throw the beacon forward.


USE alt fire to place the beacon in front of you. Activate the beacon to teleport to it.

Dimensional Shift (Dimensional Drift)

(Ultime) – 6 points


EQUIP a mask that allows you to see between dimensions.


FIRE to enter Yoru's dimension; enemies out of the area of effect can't see nor affect you.