Sage Sage Sage



Agent Sage if one of Valorant’s sentinels. Her abilities kit is very useful, and allows her to both reduce the opponents’ movement or vision and to heal or resuscitate an ally. She is very complete and will undoubtedly be an Agent of choice to pick in your team. 

Barrier Orb

400 ⦻ – 1 Possible Use per round


Sage equips herself with a barrier orb. FIRE to create a solid wall blocking vision, shots and movements of every unit. ALTERNATE FIRE to change the angle of the wall. The wall disintegrates gradually over time or when it is shot.

Slow Orb

200 ⦻ – 2 Possible Uses per round.


Sage equips herself with a slowing orb. FIRE to throw the orb that explodes upon landing on the ground, creating a lingering zone that slows players standing on it.

Healing Orb

Signature - recharges after 45 seconds.


Sage equips herself with a healing orb. FIRE on an ally to heal them. ALTERNATE FIRE to heal yourself.


ULTIMATE - 8 Charges to unlock it.


Sage equips herself with a resurrection ability. FIRE on the corpse of an ally to bring them back to life with full health after a brief channel.

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