Skye Skye Skye



Skye is an Agent specialising in hunting. Of Australian ancestry, she has a special affinity with animal spirits. Skye is a Sentinel who uses her abilities to stalk and incapacitate her prey. She harshly punishes her inattentive or unresponsive opponents.

Regrowth (Regrowth)

150 ⦻ - 100 VP to be distributed per round.


EQUIP a healing trinket. Can be reused until the healing capacity is exhausted.

HOLD FIRE to make a channel that heals allies in range and in line of sight.

Skye can't heal herself.

Trailblazer (Trailblazer)

300 ⦻ – 1 Possible Use per round.


EQUIP a Tasmanian Tiger trinket.


FIRE to throw and take control of the predator.
When you control it, FIRE to leap forward, causing an explosion that disorients and damages enemies directly hit.

Guiding Light (Guiding Light)

250 ⦻ - charges once after 40s.


EQUIP a Falcon trinket.


FIRE to throw the bird in front of you. HOLD FIRE to guide the falcon in the direction of your crosshair.


RE-USE the ability while the falcon is in the air to transform it into a light that sends out a confirmation of fire if an enemy was in range and line of sight.

Seekers (Seekers)

Requires 7 Points to unlock.


EQUIP a Seekers trinket.


FIRE to launch three seekers that will search for the three closest enemies. If a seeker hits its target, it reduces their field of vision.

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