Formidable controller, Omen delights in darkness. He manipulates shadows and can thus greatly reduce the vision of his enemies or even flee by teleporting. His ability to move around the map is unrivalled in Valorant. In other words, he quickly sows seeds of doubt and fear in the minds of his opponents.

Shrouded Step

100 ⦻ – 2 Possible Uses per round.


Omen prepares to teleport. FIRE for Omen to teleport under your crosshair after a brief channel. The teleport leaves no trace on your way. On the other hand, you make a specific noise when you appear, which can alert enemies.


400 ⦻ – 1 Possible Use per round


Omen instantly fires a shadow projectile forward that can pass straight through walls. Every player affected by this ability has their vision range reduced to a meter.

Dark Cover

Signature – 2 Possible Uses per round.


Omen equips himself with a shadow orb whose range can be adjusted via the range indicator. FIRE to bring up a cloud smoke where the indicator is located, blocking your opponents’ vision. HOLD the alternate fire to move the marker further away. HOLD the ability key to move the marker closer.

From the Shadows

ULTIMATE – 7 Charges to unlock.


Omen opens the map in front of him and can select a teleporting point. FIRE to teleport yourself on the target location after a short channel. Enemies can prevent your teleportation by destroying your shadow before the end of the channel.