Breach Breach Breach



An impressive initiator, Breach is capable of doing heavy damage. But that's not his only asset: he can greatly limit the vision of enemies via two of his skills. He's not one for finesse, and his kit is very complementary. As you can see, this makes Breach an Agent of choice on Valorant.

Aftershock (Aftershock)
200 ⦻ – 1 Possible Use per round.


Equip yourself with a fusion charge. SHOOT to cause three slow explosions through the wall. The explosions deal damage to all players in the area.

Flashpoint (Flashpoint)
250 ⦻ - 2 possible uses per round.


Breach equips himself with a blinding charge. FIRE the charge to set a fast-acting burst through the wall. The charge detonates and blinds every player looking at it.

Fault Line (Fault Line)
Signature - recharges after 40 seconds.


Breach equips himself with a seismic charge. HOLD your shot to increase the range of the ability. RELEASE to create a seismic wave, reducing the field of vision and the speed of the enemies touched in a large area facing Breach. This ability passes through walls and obstacles.

Rolling Thunder

ULTIMATE - 8 Charges to unlock it.


Breach equips himself with a Seismic Charge. FIRE to create a shock wave in a large cone facing Breach, slowing and injuring enemies in its path. This ability goes through walls.

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